Social Security Planning

Social Security Planning?  We've all heard of Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and Tax Planning, but the biggest mistake made by most Americans today is.... not properly planning or knowing all of their options relating to their Social Security Benefit well enough in advance of actually retiring.  Each of us are different, and each has a unique situation: Single, married, divorced, remarried, widowed - with or without minor children or even disabled.  Which one or how many of these apply to you and your family? 

Making sure we save or keep the majority of our income is important for leading a comfortable life and securing our financial future. Nevertheless, getting the most out of your income sometimes seems difficult during tax season. Legally, we have to pay taxes but that should never keep us from finding ways to maintain most of our hard earned money.

By consulting with one of our tax professionals at our Surprise, Arizona office, we can help you work out a plan to lessen the effect taxes might have on your finances. Although we can’t avoid them, there are ways to become more tax-efficient with tax planning.

Why Use Social Security Planning Services?

At Asset Preservation, we believe that just knowing 6 or 7 “plans” to Social Security is NOT enough in choosing the best time to claim your Social Security benefits.  The calculators that give you maximum lifetime benefit and breakeven points should not be the only tool used to make your decision on starting this guaranteed, inflation adjusted, tax favorable and lifetime income stream. Claiming Social Security benefits should NOT be made by trying to guess how long you’ll live!

We can help you make your Social Security claiming decision by taking into account your readiness for retirement, looking at the “bigger picture” of your life and blending this choice with your pension options and wealth management decisions you are facing. We believe our Social Security Planning Reports will help make Social Security the cornerstone of your retirement income.

When it comes to Social Security, we believe people need more than information. They need wise advice on how to build a retirement income plan that works and the what the role of Social Security and its various filing options play in creating financial stability for the remainder of your life.

We will do our homework to get to know you and our advanced financial software to give you a clear picture of where you are and where you are heading financially. Whether you are single, married, widowed or divorced, we can inform you about the best ways to make the best decision, with the most-efficient way possible.

We have advisors that are Social Security Claiming Specialists. We have a deep foundational knowledge needed to help you find the most effective Social Security claiming strategies available.

We Can Help!