Meet Justin Carlson

Justin Carlson was raised throughout the Midwest and moved to Arizona in 1981 with his parents and siblings. In 1998, Justin completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and Sociology, graduating with Honors from Arizona State University. In May 2003, he completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the W.P. Carey School of Business also at Arizona State University.


Beginning his professional career in the banking industry he quickly rose to Management in the retail banking division at Wells Fargo. Eventually after 4 years of dealing with the impersonal nature of BIG BANKING, Justin decided that he wanted to have a more personal and flexible relationship with his clients. This decision led to an opportunity to manage a private investment and estate planning firm with 18 representatives and 3000 clients across the state of Arizona.

Under his leadership the firm grew to over 10,000 clients and over $250 million is assets under advisement. In November 2009 with his oldest child McKenna 5 and his son Brett 2, Justin decided that the pace and time spent growing the business did NOT outweigh the rewards of quality time with his growing family. Justin transitioned away from the day to Management operations and acquired the “Tax Practice” division of APSI.

Over the last five years, Justin and Stewart have grown a boutique Financial Services business that has flourished under their expert management. The practice has continued to grow despite overall challenges in the world economic environment, all the while maintaining the values of High Quality service, advisement and personal attention.

In his free time, Justin enjoys Sports, expanding his wine collection and travelling with his wife Joy and their two children. They have 14 wonderful years behind them and there are many more memories to make.