Meet Our Team

We at Asset Preservation Tax & Insurance Services are committed to assisting our clients plan their financial future when it comes to estate planning, independent income tax service, financial, and insurance services. Our experienced and fantastic financial planning advisors, offer a wide range of different financial products and services to help our clients every step of the way.

Our History

Since February 1997, we have been excelling at assisting our valuable client needs. For over 20 years of dedicated service, our asset preservation advisors have looked at the market differently and endeavor to be industry leaders. We specialize in tax-saving strategies and risk management. Our team has a combined 50+ years of experience in the financial field with experiences from dealing with homes to dealing with retirement. With over $220 million safely managed client nest eggs, and counseling over 9,000 households statewide, our time-tested strategies have provided our clients with consistent growth, safety, tranquility and long- lasting success.


APTAXMI's Team Members

Cindie Szarek 

Cindie Szarek, is our Marketing Director and Corporate Liaison. She has worked in sales, marketing and finance since 1985. She brings new ideas and sales strategies to help market what we do best, helping people with their person retirement plans. She was born and raised in Michigan.



Mary Mooney

Mary Mooney, Client Relations Liaison, has worked with Asset Preservation since 1997.

Michele Musselman

Michele Musselman, Office Manager, has worked with Asset Preservation since 2001.



Lisa ROgers

Lisa Rogers was born in Dallas, Texas and attended Arizona State University. She received her IRS tax registration in 1998 and became an Enrolled Agent in 2012. Lisa has been associated with Asset Preservation for the past three years and serves as the go-between with the IRS and any of our taxpayers that may have tax issues.

Bob Schwarz

Bob Schwarz was born in Brooklyn, New York and attended Cornell University. A combat veteran of the Korean War, Bob later received his MBA from Michigan State University and moved to Phoenix in 1955. He was IRS tax registered in 1998 and has been associated with Asset Preservation since 2005.



Alex Tom is our very dedicated intern. She is on the verge of her high-school completion and has lived in Michigan her entire life. She is readily able to propel APTAX MI forward!