John E. Lopez

Charter Retirement Planning Counselor

A Charter Retirement Planning Counselor C.R.P.C. since 2007, John E. Lopez has faithfully served retired clients for the past 21 years. He began his career within the financial services industry in 1990, and now specializes in educating his clients on the variety of options available to them in retirement. His areas of expertise include 401(k) rollovers, wealth preservation, transfers and simplifying the complexities of the current financial market place.


As a trusted specialist within the retirement planning field, John prides himself on guiding clients through retirement plan development, education and implementation. His work ethic is based on the principle that personalized service and education is essential when matching clients with the right service. And he has a long-held belief that the cornerstone of prudent financial planning work is recognizing that everyone’s economic and life situation is unique. John is dedicated family man. He has been married to Laurie, his wife, for over twenty years and has lived in Macomb County his entire life. He shows his unflagging commitment to the community by regularly participating in community events to benefit the citizens of Macomb County and the surrounding areas.